Namtar original

Unevolved NamTar

NamTar was a genetic experiment of the scientist Kornata. NamTar began its life as a non-sentient, rodent-like creature that Kornata had affectionately named. Initially, the experiment was designed simply to expand the intelligence of the subject. NamTar grew more intelligent, slowly at first. Eventually, however, NamTar grew more intelligent than the scientific team in charge of the experiment.


Evolved NamTar

NamTar overpowered the scientific team and trapped them on their base where he conducted experiments on them, and forced them to work for him. NamTar also continued experiments on himself, obsessed with making himself perfect. Using genes from a wide variety of other species, NamTar took the best qualities he could find.

It was because of this obsession that, when Moya arrived NamTar was desperate to acquire Pilot's DNA to grant himself regenerative capabilities. He convinced the crew to bring him one of Pilot's arms, and then proceeded to use Aeryn Sun as a test subject for implanting the new DNA. As Aeryn began to transform into a strange Sebacean/Pilot hybrid creature, Kornata convinced John Crichton to help her stop her creation. Crichton distracted NamTar, and Kornata injected him with a serum that reversed all of the experimentation that had been done to him. NamTar returned to his original form, and was caged. His former victims planned to resume experimentations upon him.

Source Edit

NamTar is derived from Farscape.

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