The Nebari Contagion is perhaps one of the most insidious schemes of the Nebari Establishment. It is a bio-engineered sexually transmitted disease that, when inactive, has no symptoms at all. Many non-conformists are intentionally infected with the disease before leaving Nebari Prime, in order to spread the contagion throughout the Delta Quadrant.

When activated, the contagion will render all infected thoroughly mind-cleansed. Though this in and of itself is unlikely to cause any civilizations to fall completely under the sway of the Establishment, the Nebari hope that the contagion will weaken enough societies that conquering these worlds will be fairly easy.

By the time of the Kkore Invasion, the Nebari were still biding their time before activating the contagion. The Nebari waited many more cycles, though their initial attempts were thwarted by the combined efforts of the Nebari Resistance, the Peacekeepers, the Uncharted Alliance, and even the Scarran Empire. Eventually, the Nebari Resistance -- with the aid of doctors from the United Federation of Planets -- were able to synthesize a cure that could be easily used to inoculate entire worlds. Though forced to abandon their plans for the contagion, the Nebari still remain a threat to all of the Milky Way.

Source Edit

The Nebari Contagion is derived from Farscape.

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