Neera was a priestan of the Acquarans, who had ambitious schemes to acquire more power and influence for herself. She was aware of the secret truths contained within the Timbala -- that the Hynerians were not gods but in fact were sovereign rulers. Nevertheless, she conspired to keep the populace of Acquara ignorant to this fact.

Furthermore, she pressured her son Rokon to marry Lishala -- the daughter of the village Grondeer. This plan was threatened by John Crichton's arrival on the planet, and so she urged Rokon to dispose of the visitor.

When Ka D'Argo arrived on the planet to bring Crichton back to Moya, Neera worked to turn the village against him and Crichton. This was further complicated by the arrival of Rygel XVI, who the Acquaranas believed was the Masata. Desperate for the truth not to be uncovered, Neera attempted to expose Rygel as a false god. Instead, however, Rygel and Crichton proved the prophecy correct and deactivated the dampening field around the planet.

Though defeated, Neera was alive when Crichton left the planet. Her fate afterwards is unknown, though she had little further influence on the history of the planet.

Source Edit

Neera is derived from Farscape.

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