Empress Novia was the ruler of the Breakaway Colonies. She was a shrewd ruler, and perhaps an even shrewder mother to Clavor and Katralla. In order to ensure that Katralla ascended to the throne, instead of her conniving son, she blackmailed John Crichton into marrying Katralla by threatening to turn him over to Scorpius.

However, she had underestimated Scorpius. She briefly turned Crichton over to her Jakench servant ro-NA, who had been corrupted by Scorpius'. She also refused to believe that her son's scheme had been hatched in partnership with the Scarrans.

Eventually, however, Novia's plans seemed to come to fruition. Crichton married Katralla and was turned into a statue. She was infuriated when the head of the statue went missing, and threatened to execute all off-worlders. Fortunately, the head was recovered and Crichton was reconstituted. When she learned that Crichton would not survive being turned into a statue again, she relented and allowed Elkar Tyno to take Crichton's place.

Source Edit

Novia is derived from Farscape.

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