Olivia Crichton was the daughter of Jack Crichton and Leslie Crichton, as well as the sister of astronaut John Crichton, who was not involved in the space program at all. She was also the sister of Susan Crichton, and therefore the sister-in-law of Frank Coleman and the aunt of Bobby Coleman. Although she would never meet them, she was also the aunt of D'Argo Sun-Crichton and Katrana.

When they came to Earth, Olivia rather quickly accepted Moya's crew as extensions of her own family, bringing them shopping with her and even showing John's baby pictures to Aeryn Sun. During this visit, she also worked to repair the relationship between her brother and her father.

During Christmas dinner, Olivia was attacked by the Skreeth that had stowed away on Moya. Fortunately, quick action by Aeryn and John left her shaken but unharmed from the incident.

Source Edit

Olivia Crichton is derived from Farscape.

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