Orrhn Pak was a Hynerian female and a soldier who became a prisoner of the Peacekeepers. She claimed she was imprisoned because she had refused to swear allegiance to Dominar Bishan, however she had made this claim to Rygel XVI in an effort to manipulate him so the veracity of this claim is highly questionable.

While imprisoned, she was chosen to be one of several prisoners to be part of an experimental weapons project. Along with a Boolite, Naj Gil, and Hubero, she escaped -- taking a Peacekeeper tech Markir T'al hostage. The group eventually encountered and boarded Moya.

Almost immediately upon arriving, Orrhn Pak struck a deal with Markir T'al -- in exchange for her freedom, she would help him recapture Rygel and return to the Peacekeepers. She broadcast signals to the Peacekeepers in order to achieve this goal. Ultimately, however, Orrhn Pak was killed in her efforts to escape.

Source Edit

Orrhn Pak is derived from Farscape.

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