A Pa'u is a priest or priestess of the Delvian Seek, a devotee of the Goddess. They are capable of wide variety of psychic abilities and skills. There are multiple levels of ascendancy in the Seek, and the Pa'u is granted new powers at each level. It is unknown how high the levels of this hierarchy go.

By the ninth level, the Pa'u is able to share Unity, cause pain, force spiritual energy into a tangible form, draw spirit portraits, and become undetectable as long as they remain motionless. At the tenth level, they gain the ability to protect the minds of others from psychic assaults. By the twelfth level, a Pa'u can even break psychic bonds -- such as those formed by neural clones. Some Pa'us can break the sanity of others, and plant illusions -- it is unclear what level these abilities are granted at, however.

Notable Pa'u Edit

Source Edit

Pa'u are derived from Farscape.

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