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The Pathfinders are a race of bipeds from the Gamma Quadrant. Pathfinders have only been encountered outside of their home region once in the recorded history of the Milky Way -- by the crew of the Leviathan biomechanoid Moya.

Pathfinders seem to have a variety of skin colors -- including hues of green, blue, and yellow-gold. Patterns of contrasting color appear on their skin, which is completely hairless. Slits on the sides of their heads allowed for a natural defense -- firing of needles tipped with a naturally occurring metal that allowed these weapons to puncture skin. These needles could be effected by

At the time of their encounter, the technology of Pathfinders was remarkably advanced, even by the standards of other advanced species in the Milky Way. Their culture was heavily devoted to science, though it held strict rules for the researchers who engaged in their expeditions. The researchers traveled in unique vessels specifically designed to move through wormholes -- the primary focus of Pathfinder scientific investigation. Researchers are forbidden from contaminating themselves with too much contact with alien lifeforms -- for these reasons, the Pathfinders encountered by the crew of Moya resisted being injected with translator microbes. If Pathfinder expeditions failed to return home with their scientific research, their families that remained on their homeworld were killed in punishment.

Pathfinders are likely to know more about wormholes than any other species native to the Milky Way.

Notable Pathfinders Edit

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Pathfinders are derived from Farscape.

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