Qresh is a Class M planet, more than half of which is covered in water, and as such claiming every inch of dry land is a priority to the people of the planet. It was, initially, the only inhabited planet of the Quad until the population began to tax the resources of the planet. The Company, a powerful corporate remnant of the World Economic Consortium and inexorably tied to the ruling families and politicians of the planet, began to colonize the planet's moons.

Now, the planet is populated only by the elite: artists, scientists, inventors, politicians, philosophers, business men and women, and the very wealthy. To be a citizen of Qresh all own ancestral land, and all own shares of the Company. The more land a Qreshi citizen owns, the more shares they own and the more influence they have. None have more land than the members of the Nine, although it is illegal to bequeath or inherit land prior to the age of eighteen.

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Qresh is seen in Killjoys.

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