Scorpius-12 cycles

Scarran/Sebacean hybrids were an experiment run by the Scarran Empire to see if Sebaceans would prove useful as breeding stock. The program is known to have one survivor -- Scorpius. All of the other offspring died during their birth or shortly thereafter, along with their mothers. The Sebacean sensitivity to heat and the Scarran production of heat proved incompatible -- each hybrid, including Scorpius, was born with heat delirium. Scorpius was strong enough to withstand this condition until he could have his temperature controlled with a coolant suit.

As the only living example of this hybrid race, it is notable that Scorpius had the unique ability to sense heat signatures and use this ability to detect lies. It is likely that if others had survived they would have had this ability as well.

Source Edit

Scarran/Sebacean hybrids are derived from Farscape.

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