The Scarran Empire, sometimes called the Scarran Imperium, was one of the major political powers of the Delta Quadrant. Occupying territory that bordered the Uncharted Territories, the Scarran Empire was bent on dominating the galaxy. The Empire had the greatest military strength in that region of the Milky Way; the Peacekeepers believed that a conventional war against the Scarrans would lead to an assured Scarran victory. The Peacekeeper/Scarran War very nearly proved this to be true.


The Empire was founded by Scarrans, and ruled by the Scarrans of the Ruling Caste. The Emperor maintained absolute control over the Imperium, though he was counseled by ministers in various departments. The chief advisor and second-in-command of the Empire was the War Minister. Scarrans of the Soldier Caste made up much of the military of the Scarran Empire, and many of its subjects as well. The true grunts of the military, however, were the Charrids. Other subjugated races performed many of the day-to-day duties of the Empire that the Scarrans believed to be beneath: the Kalish, for instance, performed virtually all of the administrative duties, as well as acting as technicians and laborers.

Imperial expansion was limited less by the many enemies of the Scarran Empire -- not just the Peacekeepers but other factions such as the Nebari Establishment -- and more by the Ruling Caste's need for access to Crystherium Utilia. Because the human John Crichton accidentally revealed that the flowers grew in abundance on Earth, the Scarrans avidly sought a means to reach the planet on the other side of the galaxy.

Between the Peacekeeper/Scarran War and, later, the Kkore Invasion, plans for Scarran expansion were put on hold while the Empire rebuilt its current holdings. During this time, the Scarrans put aside their differences with most of their enemies and worked alongside the Uncharted Alliance. Once the Scarrans had rebuilt their power base, however, they rescinded their allegiance to these other factions and resumed their formerly antagonistic relationships. Hundreds of cycles later, upon first contact with the United Federation of Planets, the Scarran Empire were still one of the major threats to peace in the Delta Quadrant. The Empire quickly made themselves enemies of the Federation, as they still sought to find and conquer Earth.

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The Scarran Empire is derived from Farscape.

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