Scorvians are a humanoid, reptillian species that has long been the enemy of the Ilanics and the Luxans. Unlike many warlike races, Scorvians lack a code of honor, and will employ any underhanded method to achieve their ends. This includes performing genetic surgery on spies, allowing them to easily infiltrate their enemies. Scorvians are also masters of martial arts, known and feared for their neural stroke maneuver.

Scorvians once attacked a number of border worlds in the Luxan Territories. This led the Luxans to wage a brutal campaign of battles against them -- this was Ka D'Argo's second military campaign. Many cycles later, three cycles before Moya escaped Peacekeeper control, the Ilanic/Scorvian War began.

When the Peacekeeper/Scarran War started, the Scorvians aligned themselves with the Scarrans. This alliance held even after the war was over, as the Scarrans found the Scorvian underhandedness to be a useful trait and the Scorvians relied upon the Scarrans military might which far surpassed their own.

Source Edit

Scorvians are derived from Farscape.

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