Sebaceans are one of the most prevalent races of the region of space surrounding the Uncharted Territories in the Delta Quadrant. They are humanoid and are, in fact, almost indistinguishable from humans at first glance.

In truth, Sebaceans were engineered from humans by the Eidelons, to serve as their protectors. As a result, Sebaceans are slightly stronger than humans and have better senses -- especially eyesight. However, Sebaceans are far less resilient to heat and can suffer from Sebacean Heat Delirium -- which can lead to a catatonic state known as the Living Death. Whereas humans have a complex, redundant system to filter out toxins, including two kidneys, Sebaceans have a single organ called the paraphoral nerve. If this is damaged, it must be repaired through synthesized tissue or by taking one from an organ donor.

Humans and Sebaceans are closely related enough to breed -- though this is partly because, like humans, Sebaceans are able to breed with a multitude of humanoid races. Genetic experimentation even allowed Scarrans to create a Sebacean-Scarran Hybrid, and allowed the scientist NamTar to splice the DNA of a Pilot to a living Sebacean.

Unlike humans, a Sebacean female is capable of holding a fertilized egg in stasis within her body for up to seven cycles. Sebacean pregnancies also progress much more rapidly than human pregnancies.

Most of the Sebacean species is loyal to the Peacekeepers -- however, some have formed peaceful, non-military colonies throughout the galaxy.

Notable Sebaceans Edit

Source Edit

Sebaceans are derived from Farscape.

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