Depository exterior

Shadow depositories are the most secure storage facilities in the Uncharted Territories -- and perhaps in all of the Milky Way. As such, they are frequently used by criminals to keep their ill-gotten gains. As such, owners of shadow depositories -- such as Natira -- maintain a strict policy of discretion.

The security systems of shadow depositories are complex and multi-layered. They are protected by automated guns, motion detectors, and armies of armed and heavily trained guards who scan everyone and everything routinely. Every inch of the depository, except inside storage containers, is observed from a central observation room. Inner doors are locked with codes that change frequently. Access to the vaults is regulated from the depositing room. Customers are designed codes based on their genetic makeup, so only they can only access their own containers. The vaults are lined with Maddium Steel. An average depository contains 30,000 storage vaults.

Shadow depositories have only seldom been robbed. The first recorded robbery of a shadow depository was committed by the crew of Moya with the aid of a compliment of mercenaries and pirates. The Archive, found within the J Star Cluster, was broken into by RAC Team 25698-A, with the help of Fancy Lee and Khlyen.

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A shadow depository features in several episodes of the second season of Farscape.