Root crop

John Crichton holds a tannot root

Tannot roots are a vegetable that were once introduced to agricultural, Peacekeeper-controlled worlds to be harvested by the locals. The root is devastating to local ecology, as any ground it is harvested from is left unstable. The root is an essential ingredient to Chakan oil, which is used to fuel Peacekeeper weaponry.

The root can, however, also be ingested. This will provide nutrition, but will leave most species in a state of bliss and renders them extremely susceptible to commands. Aware of this, the Peacekeepers -- prior to the Peacekeeper Reformation -- inundated tannot root farmers with propaganda. The effects of the tannot root are strong enough to quell a Luxan's Hyper-Rage. These mental effects can be avoided if the rare Sykaran worm is placed inside a host.

Hynerians, however, cannot ingest tannot root. The mental effects have no bearing on Hynerians, but the chemicals in the vegetable will create a reaction with the Hynerian's bodily fluids -- rendering all of their bodily fluids explosive including sweat and urine.

Source Edit

Tannot roots are derived from Farscape.

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