Admiral Tav Josbek was a high-ranking Peacekeeper official. He had led the Peacekeepers in battle on multiple occasions, even against the Luxan Army. He was the senior official who presided over the trial of Ka D'Argo for the murder of Lo'Laan Tal, alonside Bialar Crais and Frin Lorvak. Despite the circumstantial evidence, Josbek and Lorvak voted that D'Argo was guilty. Crais voted that D'Argo be released.

After Crais entered the Uncharted Territories, hunting for John Crichton, Josbek contacted him and demanded he return to Peacekeeper High Command for new orders, and to explain his failure to recapture the Leviathan biomechanoid Moya. Crais ignored the orders, and killed the only other person who was aware of them: Lieutenant Fenra Teeg.

Several cycles later, after Josbek had survived the Peacekeeper/Scarran War, he accompanied Commandant Mele-on Grayza on a mission to negotiate with the Grennij -- who were, in fact, the vanguard of the Kkore Invasion and were seeking to acquire chakan oil. Josbek was wary of the deal, but grew more so when Crichton and Aeryn Sun arrived, warning that the Grennij were part of an invasion force. Before Grayza could finalize negotiations on her increasingly detrimental deal with the Grennij, Josbek stepped in and revoked her command. Furthermore, he declared her irreversibly contaminated for her exposure to the Grennij.

Josbek, as it happened, had also heard of Aeryn's efforts to return the Peacekeepers to their original, more peaceful roots and had secretly been taught of Yemahl when he was a child. As such, with Captain Zobrek's recommendation, he conferred the rank of Commandant to Aeryn -- making her the leader of the Peacekeeper's military.

After Grayza and her admiral Enna Bryal attempted to wrest control of the Peacekeepers back from Aeryn, Josbek -- along with Aeryn and Zobrek -- oversaw their tribunal. Though Josbek voted to have them executed, he was overruled. After the trial, Josbek returned to his command carrier -- which was destroyed soon after by the Kkore.

Source Edit

Tav Josbek is derived from Farscape and its comic books.

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