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The Terran Federation, or Earth Federation (or sometimes simply the Federation) was the primary political power in the Milky Way following the corruption and fall of the United Federation of Planets. The Federation was a dictatorial, authoritarian regime that primarily used conquest to hold and expand their territories. Many alien races were eradicated as the Terran Federation ruthlessly came to power. The Federation installed puppet leaders on most planets, to keep control over the planets they claimed and to maintain the illusion of autonomy for its member states.

Still, the Federation never completely reigned supreme in the universe. Many neutral worlds persisted in the galaxy, and rebellions were common -- albeit, swiftly crushed. Many tactics were used in an attempt to quell these uprisings before they began -- drugs to keep the population of planets pacified and obedient, manipulation of memories. In at least one case, a massive radiation bomb was installed on a planet to wipe out the entire population if any rebellion began.

The Terran Federation was reigned over by a President -- much as the UFP had been -- who was aided in his or her governance by a High Council. Below this was a Supreme Commander, who had total control over all of the military might of the Federation. In order to bring criminal elements of the galaxy to heel as well, the President was also secretly in charge of the underworld organization Terra Nostra.

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The Terran Federation is derived from Blake's 7.

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