Traskans are a mysterious but psionically powerful race of humanoids originating from the planet Traska within the Uncharted Territories. Traskans are remarkably long lived, partly due to a process called the guowmuhr -- which restores youth to the Traskan. Traskans have larger ears than almost any known humanoids, and as a result have much sharper hearing -- they are even sometimes able to perceive sounds from other dimensions and timelines. Noranti Pralatong, for instance, could hear the time-displaced Priests of Arnessk and heard secrets Aeryn Sun had never voiced aloud.

Traskans also have a third eye -- which emerges fifteen cycles after their birth or after each guowmuhr. This third eye allows even greater access to the Traskan psionic abilities. The eye is not always open -- though when the third eye opens, it will glow and strange things often occur.

Traskan culture encourages its members to learn multiple trades over the course of their long lives. Eventually, a Traskan may reach the title of Utu -- the highest honor in Traskan culture. The Traskans worship an entity they call the Divine Eternal, and much of the more spiritual aspects of their culture center around their faith.

Traskans are talented doctors and healers, a skill that likely developed after it was discovered that the jilnak they are capable of vomiting can be used as a restorative.

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Traskans are derived from Farscape.