A Wolaxian in its humanoid form

Wolaxian arachnids are a dangerous, sentient, shape-shifting species from Tormented Space. Every Wolaxian arachnid has two forms -- one humanoid form and the other, its true form, a horrifying spider-like creature with six legs, two non-faceted golden eyes, a mouth and no discernible thorax. Wolaxians are incredibly durable, able to withstand blasts from pulse weapons. Though they can speak in their humanoid form, they are unable to do so in their arachnid form. In the latter form, however, they can release a screech which can incapacitate any living beings who hear it.

Wolaxian arachnids feed on neural energy, which they can steal from other living beings while in their arachnid form. They place glowing green orbs of neural energy in a stringy, web-like substance. They feed on these orbs gradually over time, requiring little else in the way of sustenance.

Talikaa spider

A Wolaxian in its arachnid form

The strongest neural energy is found in a person's strongest personality traits. As such, a Wolaxian initially copies this strength -- playing off of the intended victim in order to draw that trait to the forefront. Then, the Wolaxian removes it -- causing the victim to begin behaving totally opposite from how they ordinarily would before ultimately perishing. The process of draining this neural energy is time consuming, so the victim is immobilized for the duration. Wolaxian arachnids are rather picky eaters, fortunately, and refuse to dine on many sentient beings -- such as those who are old or insane. Bioloids, androids, and other artificial lifeforms are also immune to the effects of a Wolaxian -- including its screech.

Victims of a Wolaxian have no means of producing more neural energy, which ultimately will cause their death. The amount of time a victim has left can be determined by careful examination of the bite marks on the side of their head. Initially the bite appears as a simple reddish circle of small puncture wounds. These will quickly inflame, turning dark and spreading a pattern beneath the skin. Boils will soon develop around the bite. By the time the victim finally succumbs, half of their head will be covers in boils and blisters. The bite imparts a fever as well, making them especially dangerous to the heat-sensitive Sebaceans.

The arachnid form of a Wolaxian -- when the Wolaxian is killed -- is an ingredient for roasted spider soup.

Source Edit

Wolaxian arachnids are derived from Farscape.

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