Yanglin, more commonly known as Tauma's Folly after the first ship captain to crash there, is the homeworld of the terrifying Sheyang. It is a tropical world, covered in lush vegetation with only a few large bodies of water. The atmosphere is acidic, so the life that has developed there is unique even within the Delta Quadrant. Very few off-worlders can survive on the planet for any length of time without a specially designed breathing apparatus.

Yanglin, and the entire Yanglin System, is notable for its proximity to the Tauma Black Hole. This particular region of space is often considered a starship graveyard, due to the high number of ships that have crashed or been lost due to the unusual gravity created by the black hole, which often goes unnoticed by sensors because of its small size.

When Peacekeepers reached the region, they carefully marked the black hole on all of their star charts. This led to a sharp decline in the number of ships that were lost in the area.

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Yanglin is mentioned in Farscape.